Brigaders (14–18 Year Olds)

Annual Award: Brigader Triangle leading to Brigader Brooch



This year’s programme:

Bullet Scripture

We are following the GBNI Scripture Course.


Bullet Physical

GBNI Competition Set. This year involving a hoop and set to ‘Love Runs Out’ by One Republic


Bullet Educational

Brigade Knowledge: A compulsory part of the programme which must be undertaken every 3 years.  The aim of this topic is to increase the girls’ knowledge of GBNI and encourage them to seek, serve and follow Christ.

The Internet: Love For Life will be presenting to the girls an internet safety talk. It also aims to help girls become familiar with the positive uses of the internet


Bullet Service

Wedding Planner: The aim of this topic is to give girls an appreciation of the preparations involved in planning a wedding. We will be attending a local wedding dress shop as part of this.

Crime Prevention: The aim is to give brigaders an insight into what they can do to prevent crime. This will involve a visit to a local police station.